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International Careers & Volunteering

NGOabroad is a unique service that helps you enter or advance in international humanitarian work
and provides frugal, customized international volunteer opportunities.
People come with their dream to our door;
we tailor services to help you knit dream to action.

We harness the creativity of ordinary citizens,
believing that all problems are solved this way.

A one-stop-shop for people that want to serve.

Let's discuss which services fit for you.


  ~More bang for your buck; 1/4th the price.
   ~More challenge... for students & older.  
~See how & where your skills are needed.
   ~in Africa, Asia or the Americas.

a. Career Consultations.

   ~Learn the ropes & prerequisites.
   ~Employers need strong skills & experience
     built over time. Let's plot your path.

b. Roadmap of Resources

   ~Seeking international work? Consult + Roadmap,
     will save you years of futile frustration.
Roadmap is packed with current job openings
     & the organizations to watch for openings.

   ~Perfect for special requests ("I always wanted to..

c. Cover Letter & Resume Overhauls
 Learn how to "get your foot in the door." 

The Muslim stilt-village of Ko Panyi, Thailand
                                                                   Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli   
ead website first please then answer Questionnaire.
  Takes 10-15 minutes & is essential foundation for services.
  We call after getting your Questionnaire or when you are up in queue.
  Questions? Partial Questionnaire gives us essential background.
  Email embedded (do not attach) Questionnaire & resume to:


a wise place to start.   

Ann McLaughlin
MSW, with international & 25 years counseling experience, power packs Consults.

   Consult + Roadmap: our "1-2 punch"

2) What, the dickens, is a ROADMAP?! 

A Roadmap is treasure trove of resources!
to show you how to get, step-by-step,  to your goal.

~detailed report ideal for:

entering or advancing in international work.
      See complete page about international work.

--opportunities from entry level to advanced,
        so your Roadmap is useful for years.
     --smart strategies to get your foot in the door.

We give you the raw materials, you make it happen
Tap our expertise & vast resources.
Takes us 2-4 days to make personalized Roadmap.

"Ann's Roadmap helped me land a job in Micronesia.
...Ann has demonstrated an uncanny ability to get to the (spiritual?) heart of the question: "What is it YOU want to DO?" and then relate the answer to an impressive list of real and practical opportunities. What more does one need?!"      Sid Merritt, UK

3) Get in the Door: COVER LETTERS & RESUMES

Need a compelling
cover letter & resume? Certainly you do in international work where applicants from all over the globe compete for a job!

--Learn how to present your skills & contribution
  so that your CV is thrown in the "keep" pile.
See complete page on Cover Letters & Resumes.




VOLUNTEERING: A more affordable, personalized approach  
      ~see what skills & where your skills are needed.

--Challenging: we engage your experience to tackle real challenges.

--Wide range of skills needed: Social workers, youth workers,
   water and sanitation, nurses, public health, small business, 
   engineering, solar, farming, public administration & more!

ee what skills & where your skills are needed.

 --Custom fit: we don't squish you into a 1-size-fits-all slot; we identify
    where your goals can be fulfilled & where your skills are most needed.

    Note: ideally your request fits the needs & programs in Africa, Asia,
    MENA or Central/ South America. (vs for what only fits back home.)
 If you have a special request, send Questionnaire & CV; let's discuss

--Great for everybody/ all ages: professionals; trades;
   mid-career; re-tired or "re-treads"; regular folk; families; couples.

--Flexible schedule: Volunteer 2 weeks to 20 years.
   Often, you can decide the dates unlike one-size-fits-all programs.

Each volunteer program uses many skills. So no tight "job descriptions".

Find it on your own? It's not what you can find but what & who you know.
Our contacts, broad knowledge of world affairs, how humanitarian work is organized & international resources trumps a "find" on the web.

"NGOabroad is a fantastic service for anyone wanting to work internationally, be it paid or volunteer work. I was very impressed by Ann,  her honest optimism  (no sugarcoating but no dire warnings) and her curiosity about me and my goals as well as her obvious dedication. Ann's insight into and knowledge of the world and non-profit organizations is invaluable. I now have a much clearer idea of what opportunities are out there for me and I have a real understanding of where I can best contribute my skills.  I consider the service a bargain."                                                               Simone Pfeiffer, Montreal



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