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International Careers & Volunteering

Where your skills are needed:


Your experience is needed:

Human Services  
Teaching Literacy & Practical Skills
      Kids & Youth. Sports
Business & Income Generation
Journalism, Human Rights & Democracy Building
Medical, Nursing & Public Health

Work Experience: Professions & Trades
Life Experience: Hobbies & Relations

This page outlines what skills skills & where your skills are needed in NGOabroad Volunteer Programs.
If your skills, goals or desired destinations do not fit here, ask for a personalized Roadmap of Resources.


Human Services.    

Refugee Camp in Africa. Help build livelihoods; active therapies to help with traumas: art therapists & graphic artists; drama/storytellers;
sports; work with youth & families. Need French & English speakers.

Post-Conflict West Africa is rebuilding after civil war. Need community organizers, program management, conflict resolution.
Work with youth or women. Help launch new initiative with sex workers; AIDS & trauma.

We need community organizers to help launch livelihoods projects; both men & women to work on domestic violence.  Spanish is helpful but some people have done intensives on-site or prior.

Educating Girls in Africa.
In most villages, 97% of the women can not read or write. Help transform thinking about what women & girls can do. (Men especially needed for this.)  Need community organizers, grant writers, women's advocates... tutors, AIDS & health educators. 

Dominican Republic. Work with women & children who have fled Haiti. Great experience in human rights, poverty & livelihoods.

Central America. Super skilled with children? Coach staff that work with children orphaned by abuse & AIDS. "Download" your group & residential skills, child development & behavioral management skills. 

To be Launched after our Africa Visit:
Domestic Violence work;
 working with AIDS; & further AIDS education..

Many people request to volunteer with AIDS orphans.
As with street kids, tutoring, sports & job mentoring are especially useful.


Teaching Literacy & Practical Skills.  Youth & Kids.

Grassroots Girl's School in Africa. The UN believes Africa's ticket out of poverty is educating the girls. Good with kids? Help with homework & tutoring.
Teach literacy, academics, business, health & AIDS education or sports.
Need librarians & library assistants.

Refugee camp, Africa
. "To give our children an education is a gift when they have lost or left almost everything else." French speaking helpful or learn.

Men as mentors.
"If we could do something constructive with our unemployed, restless young men, we'd have fewer wars."

Another Director who believes "Education is the ticket out of poverty."
We need vocational & literacy teachers & tutors: math & basic accounting, IT, ESL & academics instructors & tutors. Spanish helpful, but can be learned.

Africa & Asia, teach skills that help feed a family.
Teach catering, carpentry,  wood working, crafts, agriculture/ gardening, animal husbandry.
Teach computer literacy, hardware & software; secretarial & typing.

Teach or assist in arts & crafts skills that can feed a family.
Tie-dye teachers & helpers are especially needed; weavers, quilters, sewing.

Asia & Africa. Need scooter repair, auto mechanics, small appliance repairs.

Post-Conflict Africa believes that education is critical to preventing conflict.

India. Teach writing, primary school, sports, yoga or health education.

Nepal & Mongolia believe that learning English is a ticket out of poverty.

Our school in Honduras is for the children of single mothers.  They will provide apartment & most of your food if you teach English.


Micro-finance groups lift millions out of poverty.

How would you help this woman generate income to feed her child?
Business & Income Generation 

Half the world's people live on less than $2/day.
Your mission, if you should decide to undertake it, is to help lift people out of poverty.

Andes.  It is hard to eke out a living at 12,000 feet elevation. No coconut palms or lettuce.
Our Andean Directors invite people to take on this challenge: how do you
strengthen livelihoods
& generate income? Spanish helpful or do intensive prior.

Business developer or entrepreneur: many NGO's in Asia, Africa & the Americas, struggle
to survive. Help develop an enterprise that sustains a non-profit.

India. Link micro-finance crafts to Fair Trade markets & market handicrafts to sustain school.

Girls School. Help bolster family incomes so family can send girls to school. Teach sewing, crafts, wood working, mechanics, catering or agriculture.

Post-Conflict Africa. Teach entrepreneurial or income
generating skills, or business development.

Women & youth trafficked & sold into prostitution.
Teach alternative income generation.

Most trekkers originally go to see mountains, but walk away wanting to help the poor. You too? Help with community development & poverty eradication.

Haitians Refugees:
Dispossessed & rejected, the Haitians need creative ways to make a living.

Central America
. Teach livelihoods & grassroots business development to care-takers of AIDS orphans, street kids & campesinos.

Many places. Teach accounting & budgeting.

Sneak pre-view: Exciting new business program to be launched on our Africa visit:
income generation x Fair Trade = lifting out of poverty & improving life in village.


Journalism, Human Rights & Democracy Building 

Refugee Camps & Post-Conflict Africa.
Human rights violations are usually to shut people up. Fear & silence->>tyranny. Freedom of expression->>democracy.

Where journalists were persecuted, restore the ability to tell what is going on.
Teach villages & refugees
how to report on life experiences & community events.
Restore this important foundation of democracy.

Human Rights, Haitian Refugees. Haiti has experienced decades of turmoil & terror. Haitians flee to the Dominican Republic where the Dominicans reject the Haitians.  Tackle this challenge that others are ignoring.

Journalism & Gender, Africa. Women's concerns are unheard & unheeded.
Men & women must work together through radio or print media to turn that tide.

Nepal. Maoist rebels who wanted a unresponsive monarchy ousted have laid down their rifles and won the majority in legislative races. Next Nepal will draft a New Constitution & governmental structure, sans the king. Goal: a government which is more responsive to the needs of the poor. Fascinating stories wait to be written.

Mongolia was abuzz with its legislative election for the State Great Khural. This is
big news in a country that modeled itself after the USSR. You missed the story?
Send your Questionnaire & we'll hook you up to the next breaking story.


Nepalis jubilant after election

Haitian home.

Public Health, Medical, Midwifery & Nursing
Water & Sanitation; Health Promotion

There are far more opportunities for health skills than listed here.

Please email us your Questionnaire & resume and then we can discuss what fits for you.

  c. irin
Doctors & nurses needed in AIDS clinic.
Seasoned doctors needed to assist AIDS doctor in outlying villages.
Para-professional AIDS & health educators. (Can be trained in-country.)

Public Health

Girl's School.
Help design & implement village Public Health campaign--AIDS, malaria, nutrition. Great for seasoned professionals or nursing, Public Health or medical students.

Andes.  Help design programs to prevent high infant mortality. Need: Nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, mother-child specialists; Public Health. Sanitation. Nutrition.

Nepal. Public Health. Doctors, nurses, dentists, nutritionists. Great for  pros & students.

Midwifery & Nursing

Africa. Midwives & nurses needed in maternity clinics.
Para-professionals also needed (taking height, weight, vitals & helping mom & baby.)

India. We have 3 sites requesting nurse, nurse practitioner, dentist, doctor, medical student, or nursing student for ~general practice or prevention education.

So many choices for a nurse or doctor that a Roadmap of Resources is useful.

Clean water & sanitation are an important part of health
Andes, Girl's village, Nepal, Himalayas. India, Central America, Ghana, West Africa
all welcome assistance in building water & sanitation systems.

Massage therapy: India-- after digging wells; Thailand--release knots of women & kids who have been trafficked into prostitution; people with AIDS; Andean miners & more.

There are health opportunities for both professionals & para-professionals.
There are many different ways that you can help.


NGOabroad is unique service
enabling a broad range of people to make a difference.

Who is needed? Students, professionals, retirees, families & workers with a passion for humanitarian service!
Skills of professionals, regular folk & students needed: 

..Social workers. Poverty workers. Counselors.
..Community Organizers. Organizational leaders. 
..Women's Rights. Gender-based Violence.  
..Journalists. Media. Teach writing, Theatre.
..Human Rights. Democracy Building. Law.
..Human Rights. Democracy Building. Law.
..Appropriate technology. Solar. Water. Sanitation.  
..Environmentalists. Foresters. Logistics. 
..Teachers: Literacy, Vocational & Academics.
..Youth workers & people who love children.
..Accounting. Finance. Micro-finance.
..Teach entrepreneurial or business skills.
..Nurses. Midwives. Massage therapists.
..Physical, occupational, speech therapists.
..Disability experts & advocates.
..Doctors. Dentists. ARNP's. Nutritionists.
..Mechanics. Construction. Sewing. Hair Stylists.
..And more! What skills do you contribute? 

Your interests, hobbies & life skills are just as important.
Are you a coach? athlete? musician? gardener? caterer? solar electrician? bike mechanic? We'd love you to teach your skills.
Are you crazy about kids? a parent, foster parent, grand parent (and have no criminal record?) Kids need you!
Are you an office worker or manager? We need your organizational & the-glue-that-holds-things-together skills.

There are many skills needed that are not outlined on this page.
If you want to contribute but a suitable opportunity is not listed here, ask Ann.

The needs & opportunities in other countries determine if your skills are suited to paid or voluntary work.

See Apply page: for steps to get NGOabroad services; fees for services
& to download Questionnaire.

NGOabroad will be redesigning our Africa programs
after our whirlwind tour.

Do come back to see our exciting new offerings!
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