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                  Ideal for students, mid-career and over 50.  

 International Volunteering & Careers


Want to Volunteer Abroad?    Volunteers needed!

Where to volunteer?
We have international volunteer programs in 4 regions of the world:  

Africa Central & South America
Asia MENA(Middle East & North Africa)

People tell us that we are different than everything else they find on the web.

--Vision:  Humanity has so many challenges but so many willing to help.

--Mission: To harness your skills & experience to tackle humanity's real challenges.

 --Custom fit: we don't squish you into a 1-size-fits-all slot; we identify
    where your goals can be fulfilled & where your skills are most needed.
    Note: ideally your request fits the needs & programs in Africa, Asia, MENA
    or Central/ South America (vs what only fits back home.)

 If you have a special request, send Questionnaire & resume; let's discuss.

--Wide range of skills needed: Social work, psychology, trauma counselors, education, 
   early childhood education, nurses, doctors, public health, water and sanitation,
   nutrition, small business, micro-finance, entrepreneurship, engineering, solar, 
   environmental, farming, public administration, political science, democracy building,
   human rights, refugees, peace building, yoga, the trades, office, grant writing.

   So you see? We need medical volunteers, nursing volunteers, social work volunteers,
   teacher volunteers, business volunteers & much more! We put your skills to work!

See where your skills are needed.
              (This skills chart is better viewed on computer rather than smart phone,)

Each volunteer program uses many skills. So no one-size-fits-all "job descriptions".

--Flexible schedule: Volunteer 2 weeks to 20 years.
  Often, you can decide start date & duration unlike one-size-fits-all programs.


--Great for everybody/ all ages: students, professionals, mid-career, retired.
    We put your youthful passion or your years & years of work/ life experience to work.

Over 50

"NGOabroad is a fantastic service for anyone wanting to work internationally, be it paid or volunteer work. I was very impressed by Ann,  her honest optimism  (no sugarcoating but no dire warnings) and her curiosity about me and my goals as well as her obvious dedication. Ann's insight into and knowledge of the world and non-profit organizations is invaluable. I now have a much clearer idea of what opportunities are out there for me and I have a real understanding of where I can best contribute my skills.  I consider the service a bargain."                                                               Simone Pfeiffer, Montreal

Interested in any of our Volunteer Opportunities Abroad ?

Helps to know lots about you to figure out which services or placements fit best for you.

Please BRIEFLY answer Questionnaire
and then paste - not attach - your resume below
and email to: info@NGOabroad.com

So the Volunteer Application is made up of your answered Questionnaire & resume.



Affordable Volunteer Abroad!

Our fees are ~1/4 to 1/3 the price of most international volunteer programs.

Most of our volunteer programs cost ~$1,100 for the first month, $360 for next.

$300 + $300
to NGOabroad
                       for going all over the world to form these volunteer opportunities.
                       I usually work 50 hour weeks and wear 5 hats to make it all happen.
                       I get up at midnight or 2 or 4am to reach busy directors in Lebanon.
                       Its work. It's joyful work, but work nonetheless.

$150 to $200 to in-country director
                        for everything that they do to make this happen.
                        e.g. The Cameroonian director walks to all the villages
                        to set up all the meetings for when you present. Its work.             

$12/day for roof over your head, food on the table

There may be some variance in how things are done in different countries.
But hey, that's exactly what makes world travel so interesting!
You get off the plane & marvel, "This isn't Kansas, Toto."

2 x $50 for 2 hour Health & Safety Consult for people going to sub-Sahara Africa

Several people have remarked, "I learned more from you in 2 hours, than I did in 2 months orientation and 2 years in the Peace Corps."



-Do I need to be from a certain country to volunteer?  Absolutely not!
   Our vision was that humanity has so many challenges but so many willing to help.
   Volunteers criss-cross the globe: Lebanonese woman helped in Cameroon. Brazilian
   man helped in Ghana. Indian woman helped in Uganda. Iraqi man helped Syrian
   refugees. Canadian woman helped in Sri Lanka. The only limitation is visas.
   If some country is at odds with the country you want to go to, you may not get visa.

--Do I need to speak the language? Well, er, yes if you want to communicate.
   Because of the internet, English is spoken more widely. 
   But if you want to go to MENA, it helps to speak Arabic.
   (We are finding an increasing number who Arabic is their native language,
   or they have studied it so they can help with Syrian refugee crisis.)
   If you want to go to Central or South America, go out of your way to learn Spanish.
   In fact, go out of your way to learn at least some of the local language,
   wherever you are going: Sinhala, Nepali, French, Swahili....It will open doors for you.
   But in most of our programs, we have tried to wiggle around language barriers.

--How far ahead should I apply?  As far ahead as you possibly can.
    Things do not move at lightening speed in other countries. 
    You can save on air fare by applying farther ahead.
    A huge part of safety is being properly prepared.   
    Leave plenty of time for shots, getting your visa and travel supplies.

--Do you have Gap Year Volunteering opportunities? You bet!
   Our programs in Thailand, Kenya, Morocco & Honduras
   are especially well suited for gap year volunteering. 
   Send Questionnaire & resume
   then we can discuss which volunteer abroad programs fit best for you.
   It is actually more helpful if you have not locked in to where to volunteer.
   After seeing your Questionnaire & resume, together we can figure out what fits best.

--Do you have Projects Abroad? Definitely!
   The difference to us, is that a project is one-time...part of an on-going program.
   E.g. We have a 60 year old music professor coming in to help launch music & dance
   performances so that Ugandans can raise money from their talent.
   If you have a special skill or interest, talk to Ann about how this can be used
   in a project abroad. This is part of our commitment to "custom fitting."

--Do you have summer volunteer programs?
Yes, this is when most people go. But most of our volunteer abroad programs
   operate around the year. A few programs are not open during Ramadam;
   some not open at Christmas. Schools have school schedules to consider.
   But by and large, we can fit to your schedule.