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International Volunteering & Careers



Service Sabbatical
“Ann took great efforts to understand my needs and goals in taking a social service sabbatical to South America. Consequently, the list of international organizations that NGOabroad gave me was very tailored to my specific needs. I got much more than I could have gotten from the Internet: access to databases and information that I was unaware of and a deeper perspective on Latin America and the practical issues associated with traveling there. Ann was very considerate of me, especially my busy schedule. The fee that I paid is a small price to pay for such a valuable service and for the many hours that Ann spent preparing the list.”

                                                                                             Orla Beggs
                                                                     Belfast, Northern Ireland

(In days past, Roadmap of Resources were called Lists of Opportunity.)

c. www.downtheroad.org

Community Organizing

"I saw NGOabroad's ad and I thought:  "This is too good to be true." As I filled out the initial survey, I thought:  "I'm not giving any financial information; who knows what they'll do with it." My conversation with Ann, however, and all the attention and resources that she has provided are absolutely real. I'm so glad that I gave that posting a shot. Now I'm sifting through a wealth of information on organizations to figure out where is the best fit for me."

                                                                                                                                                              Zoe Sullivan
                                                                                                                                                    New York City, USA

c. irinnews.org
Finance & Information Technology to Poverty Reduction
"I came to Ann looking for a paid role in a poverty reduction/advocacy programme. After a long conversation with Ann, I found in her someone who understood my passion for serving people in poverty. In fact, Ann realised better than I did what I really wanted to do and so sent me a list of contacts in the areas I had asked for and also a list of contacts in volunteer work. I have contacted some of the organisations on the volunteer lists and they are exactly what I wanted.  Ann, you were right, volunteering in a grassroots programme is the right step for me now. Thank you
so much for all the work that you put into the Lists -they have been well worth the money.

                                                                                                          Brett Nobbs
                                                                                                          London, England

Social Work
"I was in the Peace Corps; then worked 30 years in Social Work. I want to return to international service."

"Dear Ann,'
Thanks so much for your exhaustive work.  I'm reading and rereading through the information and waiting for my ordered ink cartridges to download the rest.  Thanks for the incredible direction and fuel to get me moving!

                                                                                                                                                          Stan Allen
                                                                                                                                                       Atlanta, USA



Statistics. Teaching mathematics.

“Ann, you really opened my eyes to the possibilities! You looked at things from such different angles that entirely new options were opened up for my skills. Thank you for introducing me to honest organizations that fit within my budget. And thanks to you, I am aware of what I can do at home to better prepare for international humanitarian work.”

                                                                                       Michelle Tschida
                                                                                       Seattle, USA

Sabbatical from Silicon Valley

Dear Ann,
I want to thank you for helping me plan my upcoming sabbatical.  The advice and resources you provided were invaluable.  After a decade in the high-tech industry, I knew I needed a change of scenery, and that I wanted to give something back since I have been so fortunate.  During our initial conversation you intuitively sensed what I was looking for, and where my interests and skills would be most valuable.
I am now introducing myself to the contacts you sent at schools and orphanages in Asia and Africa.  I am looking forward to spending time caring for children, and passing on some of the business knowledge that has made me successful at home.  I hope that my time abroad will not only enrich my life, but also provide me with experience that will be valuable in all my future endeavors. Thanks again, and I enthusiastically recommend NGOabroad! All the best,
                                                                                                                                                       John Lama     
                                                                                    "Silicon Valley", California


c. Fred Clarke  ICRC

Human Services
Dear Ann,

Compliments of the day to you! I am really glad reading from you and your sincere efforts to see me through my objective. I am from a family that have gone through hard times and often been left desolate. My constant mingling with the less privilege induces me to seek this volunteering. I have lots of passion on the disadvantaged and the crippled in the society. I am very interested in the catholic setup. I am very happy for your kind assistance and advises. You are really God given to humanity.  I am really appreciative of your efforts. May the good Lord reward you abundantly for your helps to me. Be blessed.

Yours faithfully,
Vitalis Nwaorie
Cape Town, South Africa


"As is often the case, I received more than I bargained for. Except that this time the experience has been completely positive and helpful. Ann showed a keen interest in my needs and capabilities, matching me with current, relevant, and concrete links to great opportunities. To be honest, I am not used to this kind of service. Ann delivered in the shortest amount of time a sizeable listing of well organized links, addresses, names, descriptions, and generous suggestions to jobs tailored to my skill and interest. NGOabroad has been well worth the investment and I now know of avenues I had no idea existed before. Thanks a million for your great service and good communication."

                                                                                                                                                    Manuel Correia
                                                                                                                                 Portugal, now Seattle, USA

"There's only so much research you can do on your own, and even though the internet is a wonderful tool, I was not able to reach a great number of volunteer organizations and information. With Ann's help I was immediately given personal one-on-one attention as she assessed (and I reaffirmed) my strengths, weaknesses and goals. Ann effectively and efficiently compiled a substantial list of excellent fitting volunteer opportunities that I would never have found on my own. She also added in her own helpful comments noting advantages/disadvantages and recommendations with each opportunity. I can now more confidently choose the next challenge in my life. The fee required was well worth every penny."

                                                                                                                                                    Sherry Berger
                                                                                                                                               Philadelphia, USA


"Ann’s organization, NGOabroad, is remarkable. I was skeptical about paying someone to do what I felt I could do for myself, but Ann has gathered resources for ten years and has contacts all over the world. After one phone call of just over an hour, she really “got” who I was and the various ways that I could be of service. She tailored her services to suit my personality and it fit like a glove.  My experience is that NGOabroad is one heck of an organization that delivers what it promises and exceeds expectations. I highly recommend NGOabroad to those who are considering volunteering overseas. They are a class act!"
                                                                                                                                                     Russ Crone   
                                                                                                                                        San Francisco, USA 


Soweto, South Africa   j. barrett. psych.uiuc.edu

Kids: Education and Theatre
"I can’t say enough wonderful things about the service that Ann provides with NGObroad. I contacted Ann only a month before I was planning to leave for South Africa to see if she could help me find a suitable organization to volunteer for. We spoke on the phone for over an hour while Ann dedicated herself to understanding exactly who I was and what I wanted. She is a very perceptive person and was quickly able to repeat back to me exactly what I was looking for. By the time I hung up the phone with her, I was not only highly impressed with her knowledge and passion, but also even more excited about the adventure I was about to undertake. Knowing that I was working within a restricted time frame, Ann was incredible in that she produced my fantastic, personally annotated lists the very next day so that I could get right to work at contacting the organizations! The speed of this turn-around coupled with the thoroughness of the lists she provided made me know that the service provided had been worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone looking to become aware of what opportunities are out there and how to best structure their intentions to lend aid. Thank you so much for everything, Ann, and best of luck with the future of NGOabroad!"

                                                                               Cayleigh Warrack
                                                                                 Toronto, Canada

 "I Want to Work with my Hands!"
  "Ann was a cheerful help on the phone. She asked appropriate and intelligent questions to get a feel of what kind of volunteer work I want to do. I enjoyed talking to her on the phone, her attitude was fun and positive. She is also reliable when it comes to return e-mails and phone calls. She has an excellent knowledge about volunteer work, she is educated and aware of political and social issues for different countries."




"Ann a ete tres enthousiaste et aimable au telephone. Elle m'a interrogee d'une facon intelligente pour bien comprendre mes besoins en tant que cooperante internationale. J'ai beaucoup apprecie son attitude plaisante et positive. Elle est aussi tres fiable, elle a retourne mes courriels et appels telephoniques a temps. Elle connait bien les enjeux sociaux et politiques de differents pays."

Anne Beaudoin
New York resident; native Quebec, Canada



I am a midwifery student looking to work internationally. I called Ann with the hope that she could help me find a placement.  She looked into it immediately with an International Midwife on the NGOabroad team. This midwife advised that, for my particular situation, I get more experience in the States before heading overseas. Although it meant that Ann would turn away business, she was very upfront about this advice.  I am taking her advice but hope to work with Ann in the future. She is someone that I can trust.

                                                          Hilary Prager
                                                  New York City,


.c.Wintry Whitt-Smith
School Construction in Kenya; World Tour
"I've been telling all my friends this about NGOabroad: Ann, the director of nGoAbroad is great at answering my questions and providing additional follow up details. She's made a list of opportunities, custom tailored to our skills, so that our volunteer experience can change and grow as we do. Check it out and see if it's the boost you need to take the leap and "Get Out There! Good Luck My Friends."

                                                                Brenda & Brian Luzander
                                                                            Portland, OR, USA


Public Policy
“I was impressed with the way NGOabroad works from the start. Ms Ann McLaughlin and her staff opened my eyes to the situations and way-of-life in the most remote parts of the world. I was impressed with their familiarity and know-how. True to their mission, NGOabroad helped me to identify my skills, interests, and goals to match the work of organizations active in countries that I’m interested in. It is so refreshing to know that an organization like this exists. NGOabroad's helpfulness encompasses service, recruitment, and career counseling. Complete with that is the human touch. It ties the entire package with a sparkling red ribbon.”

                                                                                                                                               Natacha Rousseau
                                                                                                                                               Brussells, Belgium



Art Therapy
“NGOabroad is a wonderful organization and service which values what an important decision it is to volunteer abroad. I called NGOabroad and within minutes, my call was responded to. Ann and I had a lengthy conversation about different ways to volunteer abroad. Her conversation with me and the list of information she sent me was personalized to fit my field of expertise, qualifications, interests and level of volunteering.  Ann is still an on-going resource for me and I have learned a great deal already.

                                                                                                                                    Ashley, Art Therapist
                                                                                                                                        New York City, USA


Animal Science/ Agriculture
"I was born in Colombia so I have dedicated my life to seeing that people are fed.
I have an animal science/ agriculture background
and wanted to incorporate that with volunteer work overseas.  I
had researched some, but was unsuccessful.  Then I found out about NGOabroad. After talking with Ann, I was very encouraged to hear about the range of possibilities relating to farming and agriculture.  Ann did an amazing job compiling a long list of volunteer opportunities related to agriculture.  I’m looking forward to sorting through the lists and finding the right volunteer opportunity for me.   

                                                                                        Daniela Bals
                                                                         Washington, D.C., USA 



De Volta ao Brasil

"Apos a minha criacao nos EUA e no Brasil, adquiri um certo gosto pelo trabalho voluntario. Eu achei o servico da nGoAbroad muito util na minha  pesquisa inicial de trabalhos voluntarios. Ha muitas maneiras de procurar  por este tipo de trabalho mas assim que descobri os servicos da nGoAbroad que por sinal funcionam inteiramente ao redor dos interesses do seu cliente, decidi colocar a minha fe em algo que acabou sendo uma grande ajuda para mim."

                                   Kelly Heythausen Pack
                                    Washington, D.C., USA

Return to Brazil: Cultural Preservation
"Having grown up both in the U.S. and in Brazil I really wanted to work or volunteer abroad. I found NGOabroad to be a really useful resource that helped me get started with my volunteer service abroad. There are just too many ways to go about this out there but once I learned about NGOabroad's customized service I decided to put my faith into what turned out to be great helping hands!"


Hi Ann,
I went to Nepal this past spring to do some volunteer work and had a great time.  I used one of the organizations that you included on your list and it worked out wonderfully.  Anyway, a belated thank you for your services.

                                                                                                                                        Jackie Garces
                                                                                                                                           Seattle, USA

"Thank you Ann McLaughlin for making it possible for me to return to my homeland to help."
                                                                                                                     Royda Nakazwe
                                                                                from Zambia, now in New York City, USA


Restaurant Manager to Mentor Street Youth
"You are awesome indeed, Ann McLaughlin."

                                             Elliot G. Mercer
                                                New Hope, PA