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International Careers & Volunteering

Where your skills are needed:
in our NGOabroad Volunteer Programs


Your experience is needed:

Social Work, Psychology & Human Services
Teaching Literacy & Practical Skills
      Kids & Youth. Sports
Business & Income Generation
Medical, Nursing & Public Health

Students & Para-professionals    reat for Gap Year!
Farming & Sustainability
Journalism, Human Rights & Democracy Building

Work Experience: Professions & Trades
Life Experience: Hobbies & Relations

If your skills, goals or desired destinations do not fit here, ask Ann. People of all skill & experience levels are needed on most projects. Pitch us your Questionnaire & then we can discuss what fits.


Social Work, Psychology & Human Services  

Gulu: from Hell to Healing.
In Gulu's devastating war, kids were kidnapped and forced to be child soldiers; girls were raped and now have AIDS.
Needed: people who have experience in trauma work and working with children. People that use art, sports, music, drama & dance as therapeutic modalities will fit especially well as talk therapy is not a good fit in African culture.

Refugee Camp. Artists & art  therapists needed to create calendars & cards to generate income. Work with youth & families. Need French & English speakers.

Gender Based Violence. Alcohol Abuse. Help build programs with men who grew up in violence; kids from alcoholic homes. Trainings about sexual abuse.

At Risk Kids. Work with AIDS orphans or with kids who have been trafficked.  We need people to tutor, teach vocational skills & job mentoring.

Program managers, Organizational Development, and Monitoring & Evaluation.  Our partner organizations are taking on new challenges. We need people who are seasoned managers to help "grow" our partner programs.

Grand-writing and Fund-raising. Many seek help with fund-raising.



Teaching Literacy & Practical Skills.  

Almost every imaginable skill is needed. We need you!

Educating Girls. Africa. Africa's ticket out of poverty is educating the girls says the UN. Good with kids? Help with homework & tutoring. Teach literacy, any academic subject or sports. Need books, librarians & library assistants.

Refugee ccommunity, Africa
. "To give our children an education is a gift when they have lost or left almost everything else." French speaking helpful.

Post-Conflict Africa
believes that education is critical to preventing conflict.

 You don't need to be a pro or a teacher. We need people who can teach:
--Reading (literacy).
  ~50% of Africa can not read;
           or has not finished school
--ESL, speaking English
--Math, accounting
--Basic computers
   Software & hardware
--Website construction
--Writing & how to study
--Health education
--Gardening & farming

--How to run a small business
--Marketable crafts
--Restaurant management
--Construction & carpentry
--Secretarial & typing
--Mechanics--scooter, bike, auto
--Small appliance repairs
--Animal husbandry

Most of the above practical teachers are needed at many sites.
You don't need to be a pro to teach; just willing to share what you know!

India has made a new request for engineers             new
to design new products that are marketable; to adapt sustainable technologies to rural needs; to train technical students & villagers.


Micro-finance groups lift millions out of poverty.
Business & Income Generation 

Half the world's people live on less than $2/day. Help lift people out of poverty.


We need people who can "make something out of nothing";
who can come into a community...size up their resources, talents and needs
and develop ways that they can generate income.

Help NGO's develop enterprises that will sustain their humanitarian work.
Needed in Gulu; Cameroon; Ghana; Kenya; Uganda; India; Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica.

Products & services developed in Africa, Asia & Americas need to be connected to wider markets.
We need people who understand marketing and/or Fair Trade and eCommerce
so well that they can apply the principles to different cultures and to cottage industries.
Needed in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Gulu, Cameroon, and with Congolese refugees.

MF has been successful where it is coupled with entrepreneurship and marketing.  
We have several levels of challenge requiring different levels of experience:
-- "I haven't worked in MF, but I am very interested." Our India sites are great place to learn MF.
-- "I have some experience so I can dig in & help." Costa Rica is a great place to "test your wings."
-- "I can help launch a MF program. I can help develop the enterprises & market them."
Most need is here. MF is more then injecting money; it is helping the new enterprises to fly.

Many places. Teach math, accounting & budgeting. This skill is critical to eliminating corruption.

Ecuadorian Sacred Valley org asks for help writing Business Plans.


Public Health, Medical, Nursing
Water & Sanitation; Health Promotion

                                  c. irin
Medical clinic in Gulu.
In Africa, it is rare to find a clinic with a microscope & simple lab such as Gulu has.
Emphasis on mother-child health and preventing the transmission of AIDS to infants.
Need all health professions, both new grads & professionals.

Medical clinic in Peru.
Serve the indigent indigenous coming from the surrounding countryside for miles.
Need nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, midwives, pharmacists, dentists; students & professionals

Family planning.
2 of our Africa programs request health educators that can train about birth control. Needed where a poor mother will try to feed 10 kids. Para-professionals welcome!  new

Side-by-Side with African doctor.
Learn Tropical Medicine & how to work with few resources. Go with doctor to villages in dry season.
Well suited to new graduates & young professionals.

India, 3 sites.

--"School nurse" for school that serves the poor & their families.
--Practice "village medicine" with the poor who have never seen medical providers.
--Buddhist monastery serving both the monks and students.  on hold

Village medicine.
There is 1 doctor/10,000 people in most African nations.
There are clinics that have been built but never served a patient.
This requires more experience so you can both assess & treat a wide range of ailments.
Needed in: Cameroon; Sierra Leone; Nepal; India; Bangladesh; Bolivia & Ecuador.

Health Education
Educate about AIDS, STD's, reproductive health, malaria, typhoid, sanitation & hygiene.
You need not be trained in medical professions, but able to give accurate information.
Needed in Gulu, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, .

Many health problems could be prevented with good nutrition.
We need nutritionists who can teach how to have a healthy diet on a budget of $2/day.
Needed in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Nepal, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Gulu, Kenya, Ghana.

Prevent Health Problems: Clean water, latrines & smokeless stoves
In developing world, 4/5ths of illnesses are caused by water-borne diseases. Diarrhea is #1 cause of childrens' deaths.
1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water & 2.5 billion lack adequate sanitation.
--Food & water borne diseases can be prevented.
New NGOabroad consultant who specializes in water purification can train you how to help.
--Prevent respiratory problems in the Andes & the Himalayas.
   Help build stoves that do not create very smoky rooms in cold climates.
--Improve sanitation. Dig latrines in Dominican Republic or India.

Complementary Medicine
--Massage therapy: India--after digging wells; people with AIDS; Andean miners & more.
--Chinese doctors and acupuncturists welcome in many of our medical settings.

Health professional interested in paid humanitarian work? See International Work page.

Students & Paraprofessionals                                  Great for Gap year!
are welcome & needed in almost all of our programs. Some are highlighted below.
You don't need a college degree or credentials to volunteer with us!

Tutors, tutors, tutors.
Kids need 1-to-1 time. Teach reading, academics or what you love.

The arts. Help youth or women write poetry; make music; paint, draw, break dance, rap.

Sports coaches.
Soccer is universal! Swimming. Playground games. Hockey!
Vocational education. Do you have a hobby that could generate income? Wood working. 
Tie dying. Candle making. Bee keeping. Auto, motorcycle & bike repair. Bread baking.
Computers are great if people can read. So teach literacy & computer literacy together.
Brute & brawn. Real help is often more grunt than glory. Help dig wells & latrines.
The trades. Mechanics are needed! Fix-it-people.

Opportunities in:                                Kinds of activities:
--Kenya                                             --tutoring. mentoring & inspiring kids
--Ghana                                             --soccer, sports & building mountain bike trail
--Uganda                                           --teaching literacy to adults who missed out
--Cameroon                                      --vocational skills
--India                                              --health education
--Nepal                                             --micro-finance & income generation
--Honduras                                        --teaching English
--Ecuador                                          --farming & sustainability
--Tanzania (future)                             --engineering & inventions
 -Mongolia                                         --fund-raising for construction   

Woman-to- Woman;   Mujer-a-Mujer

Girl Child Education

Girls have been denied an education throughout Africa, throughout the world.
The World Bank & UN believe the education of females has a ripple effect
& is a critical factor in transforming societies.
We need people who are naturals at teaching or tutoring.
You need not have formal training in Education.

Small Business Developers

We need women who have:
Entrepreneurial & small business experience
People that can "make somethin' outa nothin'".
Resourceful; creative; strong people skills.
Farming, gardening & agricultural experience also helpful.

Your hobbies contribute
Skilled in music, drama, dance? These skills can be used therapeutically.
Sewing, sports, catering, hair cutting, mechanics or carpentry?
Can you teach these to women in vocational education?
Are you a natural born organizer and leader? Great, we would like you
to help build leadership skills in women in many other countries.

Women in Labor
Train Traditional Birth Attendants
We need doctors, nurses or midwives who have at least 6 months
experience in labor & delivery to teach how to assess if mom is trouble.
This is #1 health request in 3 communities in Africa & in Bolivia.

Women in Journalism  on hold
At long last, women are gaining a voice. If you have a background in journalism, work with female TV journalist to cover women's issues: widowhood; women's health; gender based violence.

Gender Based Violence
We have someone coming in to help launch a DV program in Cameroon.
We would like to replicate this in other countries,
and also broaden the focus to include sexual abuse.
We will need therapists who can counsel and train locals.
Both women and men are needed to do community education.
We are eager to have men who can help shift attitudes.
Requirements: willingness to understand cultural beliefs
and not bring Western dogmas.

Farming & Sustainability

Andes & Himalayas: Teach Sustainability & Appropriate Technology.

Both are high, arid lands in need of alternative ways to feed their people & survive.
Teach in Ecuador: sustainable and renewable energy--solar, wind use in ecotourism projects.

Cameroon. Teach composting; drip irrigation; rainwater harvesting; how to earn income from farming; Fair Trade marketing of dried tropical fruits; easier ways to clear the land; animal husbandry; cattle breeding; organizing a farmer's cooperative.

Gulu needs dairy & hog farmers & help to improve garden yields.
Sierra Leone would like help to expand from subsistence farming to include cash crops;
 to cultivate fish farming to increase protein intake; to divert swamp water to irrigation ditches.

Kenya. Help transform the slums of Nairobi from a wasteland to a fertile food source.
 People well versed in sustainability, urban horticulture, planting trees are needed.

Ghana: Help those who are taking up the hoe because it is cheaper to grow your food than buy it.

India asks for people who can teach organic farming; vets, chicken & goat husbandry.

                        c. down the road.


Nepalis jubilant after election
Journalism, Human Rights & Democracy Building 

Journalism & Human Rights are hazardous work. Some of our colleagues have been threatened so several of our journalism projects are on hold.

Investigative journalism. In many countries, journalists must not rock the boat. We have one exception to the rule. You must qualify for this post. on hold

Nepal. Maoist rebels who wanted a unresponsive monarchy ousted have laid down their rifles and won the majority in legislative races. Next Nepal will draft a New Constitution & governmental structure, sans the king. Goal: a government which is more responsive to the needs of the poor. Fascinating stories wait to be written.
Our partner journalism organization requests people with strong copy editing skills.

Women & Journalism, Africa.
Women's concerns have gone unheard & unheeded. We have new opportunity to work with TV journalist to air topics of concern to women. on hold

From Boyz to Men.
Journalist & musician has launched music project to give youth
a constructive way to engage in social concerns. on hold

was abuzz with its
legislative election for the State Great Khural. This is
big news in a country that modeled itself after the USSR.


NGOabroad is unique service
enabling a broad range of people to make a difference.

Who is needed? Students, professionals, retirees, families & workers with a passion for humanitarian service!
Skills of professionals, regular folk & students needed: 

..Social workers. Poverty workers. Counselors.
..Community Organizers. Organizational leaders. 
..Women's Rights. Gender-based Violence.  
..Journalists. Media. Teach writing, Theatre.
..Human Rights. Democracy Building. Law.
..Human Rights. Democracy Building. Law.
..Appropriate technology. Solar. Water. Sanitation.  
..Environmentalists. Foresters. Logistics. 
..Teachers: Literacy, Vocational & Academics.
..Youth workers & people who love children.
..Accounting. Finance. Micro-finance.
..Teach entrepreneurial or business skills.
..Nurses. Midwives. Massage therapists.
..Physical, occupational, speech therapists.
..Disability experts & advocates.
..Doctors. Dentists. ARNP's. Nutritionists.
..Mechanics. Construction. Sewing. Hair Stylists.
..And more! What skills do you contribute? 

Your interests, hobbies & life skills are just as important.
Are you a coach? athlete? musician? gardener? caterer? solar electrician? bike mechanic? We'd love you to teach your skills.
Are you crazy about kids? a parent, foster parent, grand parent (and have no criminal record?) Kids need you!
Are you an office worker or manager? We need your organizational & the-glue-that-holds-things-together skills.

There are many skills needed that are not outlined on this page.
If you want to contribute but a suitable opportunity is not listed here, ask Ann.

The needs & opportunities in other countries determine if your skills are suited to paid or voluntary work.
Looking for a Volunteer Vacation or to Volunteer Abroad? We offer more real & challenging. More frugal.

See Apply page: for steps to get NGOabroad services; fees for services
& to download Questionnaire.

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         NGOabroad is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)