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International Careers & Volunteering

NGOabroad is a unique service that  helps you enter or advance in international humanitarian work
and provides frugal international volunteer opportunities.


International Social Work!

1: Women
2: Poverty
3: Post-Conflict
4: Youth
5: Grant Writing & Fund Raising

Most international employers require 5 years international experience.

NGOabroad provides challenging opportunities that "grow" your experience.

   Gender-based violence
   Girl-child education & women's literacy
   Women's rights campaign

   Family planning
     & reducing infant & maternal mortality in childbirth

This is Social Work's forte; where there is most need.

   Small enterprise development  
   Rural development
   Community development
   Improving life in shanty-towns

       Child soldiers; girls raped
       Alternatives to "talk therapy": music, dance, theatre

   Refugees & Asylum seekers 
   Reconciliation & Conflict Prevention


   AIDS orphans & children of alcoholics
   Drug addiction
   Early Childhood Education
   War orphans from orphanages to families
   Counseling youth, group, families


Grant Writing & Fund Raising
    Organizational development
    International development "project cycles"

Cameroon, India, Bolivia, Tanzania, Costa Rica

Congolese, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Uganda, Peru
Cameroon, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Uganda

Uganda, Cameroon, Tanzania
Nepal, Uganda, Cameroon, Peru, India, Caribbean

Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru, India
Congolese, Uganda, Kenya, Nepal, India, Tanzania
Nepal, Boliva, Cameroon, Sierra Leone
Sri Lanka, Peru, Tanzania
Peru, Sri Lanka

Congolese, Gulu, Nepal, Sri Lanka
Gulu, Sierra Leone
Gulu, Sierra Leone
Congolese, Meditteranean
Rwanda, Kenya, Sri Lanka

Sierra Leone, Congolese, Kenya, Tanzania

Kenya, Tanzania
Sri Lanka
Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, India
Sierra Leone
Tanzania, Peru

Cameroon, Gulu, Nepal, Uganda, Costa Rica
Tanzania, Gulu

here are many variables that determine where you best fit.
Rather than pick a location or activity, discuss opportunities with Ann after she sees your Questionnaire.


Please read website first then answer Questionnaire and embed with resume in email to:


Additional NGOabroad Services:
Career Services to enter or advance in an International Career:

1) Career Consultations
2) Roadmap of Resources--organizations pertinent to your goal
3) Cover letter & resume overhauls

Ann McLaughlin, Director of NGOabroad, is an  MSW so  can provide internship supervision if necessary.

Ann's Roadmap helped me land a job in Micronesia.
...Ann has demonstrated an uncanny ability to get to the
(spiritual?) heart of the question: "What is it YOU want to DO?"
and then relate the answer to an impressive list of real
and practical opportunities. What more does one need?!"     
                                                                   Sid Merritt, UK

For more information about about services to help you enter or advance in International Social Work,
see webpages on International Work and Consults.

"Ann's insight, obvious wealth of experience and expertise in the international field and her ability to help me clarify, focus and capture my long and short-term goals has been invaluable thus far. When looking at international work in such a huge and complex world with all kinds of possibilities, Ann's innovative approach is perfect, as it's not a one size fits all model.
I'm so thankful to have come across her services and would strongly recommend them to anyone."

                                                                                                                 Briana Quinlan MSW, USA

Psychologist: International Mental Health and Torture & Trauma

"My consult with Ann helped me to clarify and articulate my unique career and personal vision. She talked me through my significant life experiences, showed me how they impact on my career, provided practical advice and validated that I have
what it takes to create my dream career path.   How illuminating and delightful!"

                                    Nicole Monteiro
                                                                                                                Washington, DC, USA



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