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Custom-Fit International Service

1) Volunteering for Grown-ups!

-- in Africa, Asia or the Americas.

-- Packaged deals but not 1-size-fits-all programs;
   we custom fit to your contribution & needs.
   Home stay included.

-- For 1/4th the price, you get a richer experience

--Options for families, retired & people in trades.
-- Flexible schedule: Volunteer 2 weeks to 20 years!
2) Guide: Roadmap to Resources
for those with a passion to make a difference.
     "This is staggering."         John Kapteyn, US

We give you the raw materials, you make it happen!
Tap our expertise & vast database to:

   --enter or advance in international development;
  --fulfill personal dreams ("I always wanted to..");
  --or unusual requests.

A treasure trove of resources! to show you
--how international work is organized;
--opportunities from entry level to advanced,
   tailored to your skills & experience;
-- how to go about your search.
--100+ pages that takes 2-4 days to make.

"The vast diversity of the Guide opens many new doors."                             Raina Ng JD, NZ

The Consult is foundation. This is the road map.

3) Career Consults: International Work
Want to enter international work?
     A Consult gives a solid foundation to launch.

In a Consultation ($50/hr) we address:  
--what are your goals? your contribution?

--how can your skills be used in international work?
--what are the steps & strategies to reach goals?

Ann McLaughlin, with international & 25 years counseling experience, power packs Consults.

"Ann has gone to great lengths to understand what exactly I was looking for and more importantly what I needed. She has succeeded in giving me direction and I now honestly feel I know what I want to achieve and how to do it."  Niamh Browne, Ireland

--International work is competitive. We also
   overhaul cover letters & resumes
   to help you "get your foot in the door."

Comments on the website
 Descriptions are intentionally vague because we custom fit. Better to see your skills & experience & discuss what fits. There are more opportunities than outlined on Volunteer pages.
  --help people enter international humanitarian work
  --provide frugal, customized international volunteer options.

MISSION: to harness human talents to solve humanity's challenges.


  --"Real": engage your work & life experience to tackle real challenges.
   --Your goals, skills & international experience matched to need.
   --Custom fit: thus well suited for both very experienced & for beginners.
The Muslim stilt-village of Ko Panyi, Thailand
"The Muslim stilt-village of Ko Panyi, Thailand"  Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

Seeking international work? A Consult + Roadmap to Resources will save you years of futile frustration. The Guide includes current job openings, the organizations to watch for openings, and beginning, entry opportunities.

"Real", challenging volunteer programs that require work & life experience:
democracy building & human rights; building a girls' school in Africa where
girls have been excluded; empowering refugees; literacy & counseling;
vocational training, micro-finance & business development to eradicate poverty; mentoring street kids; caring for AIDS orphans.

Find it on your own? It's not what you can find but what & who you know.
Our contacts, broad knowledge of world affairs, how humanitarian work is organized & international resources trumps a "find" on the web.

I am overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of materials you have sent.

ead Testimonials & Apply page before you email the following
1) Summary what you want to do 
2) Copy & paste your resume
(<2 pages) & answered Questionnaire
    into body of the email.   DO NOT ATTACH
Write name. skills. & phone in subject line.
4) Be as available as you can. We'll call when you are up in queue.

5) State what services you seek or any questions.

NGOabroad is unique service enabling a broad range of people to make a difference.
"NGOabroad is a fantastic service for anyone wanting to work internationally, be it paid or volunteer work. I was very impressed by Ann,  her honest optimism  (no sugarcoating but no dire warnings) and her curiosity about me and my goals are as well as her obvious dedication. Ann's insight into and knowledge of the world and non-profit organizations is invaluable. I now have a much clearer idea of what opportunities are out there for me and I have a real understanding of where I can best contribute my skills.  I consider the service a bargain."                                                                             Simone Pfeiffer, Montreal

"The information Ann accumulated for my Guide in a couple days is more than I have in 3 years."  C. Des Loges, Toronto             

Who is needed? Professionals, students, retirees, Boomers & families with a passion for humanitarian service! 
Skills that are especially needed:
..Social Workers. Poverty workers. Counselors.                           ..Teachers: Literacy, Vocational* & Academics.
..Community organizers. Organizational leaders.                         ..Youth workers & people who love children.
..Women's rights. Gender based violence.                                    ..Accounting. Finance. Micro-finance.
..Journalists. Media. Teach theatre, writing.                                 ..Teach entrepreneurial or business skills.
..Human Rights. Democracy building. Law                                     ..Nurses. Midwives. ARNP's. Nutritionists.
..Conflict reconciliation. Refugee workers.                                    ..Physical, occupational, speech therapists.
..Appropriate technology. Solar. Water. Sanitation.                        ..Disability experts & advocates.
..Environmentalists. Foresters. Logistics.                                      ..Doctors. Dentists. Pharmacists.
..And more! What skills do you contribute?                                    ..*Mechanics. Construction. Sewing. Hair Stylists.

The needs & opportunities in other countries determine if your skills are suited to paid or voluntary work.

To learn what the steps are to get NGOabroad services and the fees for services, see Apply.

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