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                                     Ideal for students, mid-career and over 50.  

  International Volunteering & Careers


Interested in Humanitarian Work?

We have 4 services to help you enter or advance in an international career.
It is an a la carte menu, together let's decide which services best fit.
But if you take all services, they usually go in this order:


1. Career Coach

~ A wise place to start
~Learn the ropes & prerrequisites
~Employers need strong skills & experience built over time. Let's plot your career path.
~Ann, with international & 25 years counseling experience, power packs Consults.

"Speaking to Ann was terrific: she helped me to see doors that I never knew were there;
she challenged me to think in new ways.  I really felt that Ann understood me and where I want to go.
Most important, she had great ideas on how to get there.    - Neal, Ireland

2: Volunteer Abroad

~ Most international development employers want 3-5 years international experience.
~ We have built volunteer programs that will give the necessary experience!
~ Tackling the very real challenges humanity faces.  So more challenging. More real.
~ More bang for your buck; 1/4th the price so affordable.  See fees below.

Africa Central & South America
Asia MENA(Middle East & North Africa)

See where your skills are needed.
           (This skills chart is better viewed on computer rather than smart phone.)

3. Roadmap of Resources

Most people do not know what is out there...or "the lay of the land".
Job boards only show you a fraction of the opportunities.
You must know the key international aid organizations & go to their site to look for jobs

What, the dickens, is a ROADMAP?! 

A Roadmap is treasure trove of resources!
to show you how to get, step-by-step,  to your career goal.

~ A detailed report - 100 to 200 pages in 5 - 8 attachments - ideal for:

entering or advancing in humanitarian work abroad.    
  - opportunities from entry level to advanced,
      so your Roadmap is useful for years.
   - smart strategies to get your foot in the door.
~ So not only a Treasure Trove but a Treasure Hunt
   showing you the key places & players along your career path.

~ Takes 4-5 days to make a personalized Roadmap.
~ Discuss with Ann if you are READY for a Roadmap.

"Ann's Roadmap helped me land a job in Micronesia.
...Ann demonstrated an uncanny ability to get to the (spiritual?) heart of the question:
"What is it YOU want to DO?" and then relate the answer to an impressive list
of real and practical opportunities. What more does one need?!"     Sid Merritt, UK

4. Resume Maker
    + Cover Letter
    & Interview Coaching

Need a compelling cover letter & resume? Certainly you do in international work
where applicants from all over the globe compete for a job!


~ Learn how to present your skills & contribution
    so that your CV is thrown in the "keep" pile.
~ A stellar cover letter & resume helps you get your foot in the door.
~ Hooray! You were invited for the interview! We've got your back: interview coaching.

Interested in any of our services?

Helps to know lots about you to figure out which services or placements fit best for you.

Please BRIEFLY answer Questionnaire
and then paste - not attach - your resume below
and email to: info@NGOabroad.com



Fees for Services

1. Career  Consults

 Sometimes you only need 1st one: 1.5 hrs for $110
     Subsequent Consults: 1 hr for $75  

 For those aiming for an international NGO job or charity job,
     that need it and want it, we've got your back on this too:
     We give  1 hr crash course in Entrepreneurship &  Health Campaigns
     preparing you to be able to do this in the field. (1 hr for each)

     Paypal buttons are on the Consults page.

2. Volunteer Abroad

     Approximately $1,000 for first month;
     $360 for subsequent months.

     Some variance by country & region so discuss with Ann.
     Paypal button on Volunteer Abroad page.

3. Roadmap of Resources

     Regular  - just showing you the organizations to watch over time  - $300
    Paid - showing your orgs & paid openings at this time   - $400
    For most aspiring international aid workers, this is really worth the added expense
    Paypal buttons below.

4.  Resume Maker + Cover Letter & Interview Coaching                    

 $50/ hr

     Paypal buttons on Resume & Cover Letter page.

All of our services are done via phone or Skype
so possible to do with almost any place on earth.