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International Careers & Volunteering
   Steps to Apply

1: Questionnaire & Resume

2: Determining what programs or services fit for you

3: Payment & Disclaimer
4: Services & Fees

5: FAQ


1. Please embed answered Questionnaire & resume in 1st email.
If you don't have a resume, a bare bones outline will do.

Why? Questionnaire is essential to matching you to international posts.

Entering international service, whether paid or volunteer,
   is more like applying for a job: you have to be qualified--
   your life, work & international experience determine good matches.
That's why we ask to see your resume &
Questionnaire first  thing.

2. Discussion
 Ask initial questions through email correspondence, please.

 We connect your skills to humanitarian  needs. @irin    
    Please send partial Questionnaire even if you are just asking questions vs applying!
    It helps to know these things about you in order to answer your questions.

    Tell us what you are looking for and important variables in your decision making.
    It is helpful to get your "big picture" rather than your narrowed choices.

    As our email correspondence zeroes in on what NGOabroad services fit for you,
    then we do a brief intake over the phone to confirm what services you want.

3. Select Services

1a. When we have determined a good volunteer program for you, 
      you purchase the first packet of information. ($300)
1b. Simultaneously, I send your Questionnaire & resume to our in-country partner
      to consider if your skills & experience match their needs.
1c. At this time you also sign, scan & send the Disclaimer.

2a. If both the volunteer and in-country Director vote "yes" to working together,
      then you purchase the final packet of information. (next $300)
2b. If in-country Director or Volunteer think that it is not a good fit,
      then the first $300 already paid is applied to another volunteer program. 

Important: acceptance by in-country Director has never been a problem
as Ann works closely with Partner organization and knows their needs.

We have choices not stated on the Volunteer pages.  Send your info & we can see what fits.

Most people that are entering or advancing in international work,
    start with a Career Consult.

You pre-pay for the first hour of Consult via Paypal buttons below.
If we talk longer than an hour, you pay the remainder right after the Consult

By the end of the Consult, some people decide to get international experience
via one of our more challenging international programs.

Others that are ready to utilize a Roadmap.
pay Paypal to launch Ann into the making of the Roadmap.
It is ideal to commission a Roadmap on the heels of the Consult
as Ann's brain will be firing with ideas during the Consult. Seize the time!

Timing: Send your Questionnaire to us when you are "ready to roll".
It is to your advantage to do Consult & commission a Roadmap early in the week.
Why? A Roadmap takes ~20-30 hours to make. Grab Ann's most creative, unfettered time.
Scan & also send the disclaimer by postal mail so that there is time to "mull" & add angles.
Turn-around time depends on the backlog of requests.

We keep a pulse on the planet.

etermined to do something? We 
 help make your dreams a reality.
 You want to be Batman at age 4?   
 Crazy! but we can help you
 with the steps to that goal.

4. Business
There are 2 things that you must take care of to get services:

1. you must pay for services. Paypal is used by most people.
2. the Legal Disclaimer must be in Ann's hands before she can send information to you.

Ann will email you the disclaimer after you have paid. Sign, scan  and send the original Disclaimer by regular postal mail.

Send signed disclaimer by regular postal mail to:

    Ann McLaughlin
P.O. Box 2034
Vashon, Washington
USA 98070

Almost always we also ask you to scan it.

Explanation: People have been confused because there are several Paypal buttons, assuming that they have to select all
of the services. Not so. This is like a menu at a restaurant.
You don't have to order & eat everything on the menu. In our initial emails and in the intake, let's discuss which services are most suited to your interests & goals.

You can pay by credit card when you pay via Paypal.


International Volunteer Programs: $300
Cover Letter/Resume & Travel Consults
                   hourly rate: $50/hr
Roadmap for Resources, Paid: $350
Roadmap for Resources, Regular: $300
Contributions for Others I: $25
Contributions for Others II: $100


 Fees for Services

International Volunteer Programs
From simple to challenging volunteer programs in Asia, Africa & the Americas. Home stay included.
Looking for a Volunteer Vacation or to Volunteer Abroad? We offer more real & challenging. More frugal.

$00 The Intake
Discussion about which Volunteer Program fits best for you is free of charge
  if the intake is less than the usual 20 minutes.
Longer intakes are pro-rated at our hourly fee, $50/hr.
See FAQ regarding how an intake differs from a Consult.

$300 Registration  
This initiates our legwork with Director that you wish to be considered by.
Ann sends you a packet of information to ponder
   while our Director reviews your resume & Questionnaire.
If in-country Director or Volunteer think that it is not a good fit,
   then the $300 already paid is applied to another volunteer program. 
This $300 is non-refundable.

$300 Upon acceptance     
Now you get contact info & any further questions answered.

(If you are going to volunteer at more than one site,
Registration and Acceptance fees apply to each separate organization.)

$150 to Partner Organization
Pay Director when you first have a few moments in private.
This is for the work that director does to host you.

Fee is $200 for organizations who come across  their country to get you.

$12/day for home stay + meals
This price is the agreement that we have with most of our Partners
    to try to keep costs down for you.
(Directors have said $12/day does not cover costs so fee may go up in 2012)
Some of our Partners have different accommodations or meal plans.
    Some serve only one meal. One does not charge for room & food.
We can discuss particulars if you are interested in a certain program.

Click here to convert fees to your own currency.

If you do not see a volunteer program that fits for you, commission a Roadmap.
If you have special needs, then ask Ann about possibilities.

             You want to volunteer in Africa?
             Questionnaire is critical to determine fit.

             "When the people lead, the leaders will follow."      

2 x $50 for Travel Consult if you are volunteering in Africa.
Why is this important? People have said this 2 hour Consult, which emphasizes health & safety,
covers more critical material than 2 months of Peace Corps orientation!


"I wish I had the benefit of Mary Ellen's expertise for all of my previous trips!
It would saved me a lot of time and money. The information she provides is just the right amount. I actually feel more empowered than before. And she knows of resources that I never would have found out about on my own. A most useful and highly recommended consultation."   
                                                                                                                         Denise Larkin; Encinitas, USA   

We believe there is much work to do...


$50/hr  Travel Consult
We believe: you can undertake all kinds of adventures if you are properly prepared. 

Mary Ellen's Travel Consults have proven so valuable
    that people have asked if Mary Ellen can answer further questions after the Consult.
    Yes, such post-Consult assistance is available on pro-rated fee basis.

$75/hour  Career Consults with Ann McLaughlin MSW
Ann specializes in helping people enter or advance in international development work.
Most aspiring international workers start with Career Consult. Smart move.
Later, if you are stalled in your career pursuits, schedule additional Career Consults.

You pay for Career Consults at the bottom of the Consults page.
We now offer price reductions for people getting a series of Career Consults.

"I've spoken to other Career Counselors and I have found none to be as useful as yours."

"Ann brought a depth and breadth of experience, insight and knowledge to my international job search.  I never could have achieved this on my own."

Roadmap to Resources
a guide to the resources to fulfill your goals.
We give you the raw materials, you make it happen! Tap our expertise & vast resource base to:
enter or advance in international development
; fulfill personal dreams or unusual requests.

$300 Regular Roadmap
This fee pays for the 10-35 hours it takes to create a personalized Roadmap
and the 15  years of Research & Development to create the original database.

Variance about what is on a Roadmap.
Different skills + different locations = different resources.

$350 Roadmap for  Paid, Complex or Couples' Resources
These Roadmaps require more time to make.
Your skills & experience determine if you qualify for a Paid Roadmap. Ask Ann.

A Paid Roadmap includes current job openings, the organizations to watch for openings, and beginning, entry opportunities.


   ...that is why we are asking for your help.

Resume or Cover Letter Overhauls
Overhauls can be time-consuming but critical to get your foot-in-the-door in international work.

Ann: "I believe the cover letter makes or breaks you. It's the first thing they read."

"The cover letter consult was worth every penny. Ann really knows her stuff!"

You get incredible bang for your buck here.
Whether you are pursuing international volunteering or work,
there are few services like NGOabroad. The closest cousin charges $2,000 for 3 choices.
Most one-size-fits-all international voluntary programs cost $3,000 for a month.
Our Partners Volunteer Programs cost 1/4th that price.

More affordable services. More real, challenging opportunities.
We have affordable fees for our regular services,
and offer pro-rated fees if you wish additional time or services.

Here's how we save costs to provide frugal services:
The Questionnaire was designed to save you
     the price of us "extracting" all the critical information from you.
No receptionist, small staff.
    That's why we ask you to not call in. We are on the phone delivering services.
Please tell us 2-4 hour blocks of time when you can be reached.
     We do most Consults & return most calls after 3pm Pacific time.

NGOabroad is the frugal alternative that directs you where you will truly make a difference.



                                            NGOabroad is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)