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                    Ideal for students, mid-career and over 50.  

International Volunteering & Careers



  At its heart , NGOabroad is made up of a complementary team:

       Ann McLaughlin MSW. the brawn
       Mary Ellen Walker MPH, the brain

I do all the work, & Mary Ellen does all the thinking!
Mary Ellen & I were hiking & climbing buddies years ago.
For both of us, adventuring is both local & international.
Mary Ellen is precise & Queen of Details; I am Big Picture.
I have all the questions; Mary Ellen has all the answers!
            Below the step snow are cliffs - hanging glacier. "On belay, Mary Ellen!!!"
          We learned that once you take care of safety, you can go anywhere.
               Tell your mother, we will teach you  how to adventure safely.









    NGOabroad is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Washington State Business License: #602-728-358