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Custom-Fit International Service

Voluntourism or Voluntary Vacations

=International Volunteering + Cultural & Recreational Tours



Ask almost anyone who has been to Ghana & they will tell you:
"It is an amazing place: incredibly friendly, with an infectious throb."

Come learn what makes Ghana so magical through their Cultural Tours:
learn the local language, Twi; about making colorful Kente cloth; tapping palm wine & drumming. Explore venerable Ashanti culture; beautiful coastline; villages or the wildlife refuge.

Volunteer options: HIV/AIDS education, teaching, health care, conservation or soccer; or tailored options in journalism, media, nutrition.



Machu Pichu & Lake Titicaca

Want an intimate, inside perspective of life in the High Andes?
Our local guides can show you Life Beyond the Tourists.

Local guides can explain ancient Incan culture at Machu Pichu;
the floating reed villages at Lake Titicaca or guide your hikes.

Volunteer options: see "Hand Hewn In Peru".


Montenegro & Kotor Fjord

Unspoiled. Undiscovered. Not (yet) over-run with tourists.
One of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean.

Join us for biking or hiking!

Explore the Balkans' intersection & overlaying of cultures:
Orthodox Christianity from the Byzantine empire;
Catholicism from the Austro-Hungarian empire;
Islam from the Turkish empire.

Recently at war, peace is now taking hold.

Volunteering options: (in the making)



Would you volunteer in Nepal without going on a trek first?
No? We thought you'd say that.

So our Nepali Partner program offers customized treks and Cultural tours
in addition to volunteer opportunities tailored to your skills & experience.

Teach English--our Nepali Partners believe English is a ticket out of poverty.
See  other volunteer opportunities at "Nepal has many kinds of peak experiences."

Our Volunteer Vacations add a little bit of vacation to the volunteer experience.
This may be the only time that you will be in the Himalayas or Andes, Africa or Adriatic.
Bike the coast, trek, drum or being invited into a home. Let our guides show you their world.

Staff associated with our Partner Volunteer Programs are often your guides.
With most, the fees that you pay go to an important & worthy humanitarian organization.
Fees vary & are determined locally, unlike our Partner Volunteer Programs which have uniform fees.

If you are interested, embed an answered Questionnaire & resume in an email to info@NGOabroad.com.


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