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                    Ideal for students, mid-career and over 50.

International Volunteering & Careers


Volunteering for People with Skills!

Check how & where your skills are needed below.  Both students & seasoned professionals needed.

1: Social Work, Psychology & Social Services
2: Nurses, Midwives, Physicians, OT, PT
3: Small Business Development & Microfinance
4: Democracy, Human Rights, Peace Building, Law
5: Environmental
6: Engineering - Sustainable Energy & Appropriate Technology
7: Teaching & Tutoring
8: Public Administration & Non-Profits
9: Agriculture & Farming
10: Nutrition, Food & Baking
11: The Trades
12: The Arts - Music, Dance, Theatre, Writing & Art
13: Life & Recreational Skills
14: Administrative & Office Skills
15: Journalism
16: Architecture & Urban Planning

Social Work, Psychology & Social Services 

  Domestic Violence     

  Sexual abuse
  Women's rights campaign

  Alternatives to "talk therapy": music, dance, theatre
  Community development      

  Improving life in shanty-towns or peri-urban areas
  Alcohol and/or Drug addiction
  Mentoring youth or youth counseling
  Mentoring youth

  Child abuse prevention
  Psych (psychiatric) unit   or Mental Health
  Trauma Release, Neuro Linguistic Programing , EMDR
  Drug & alcohol treatment & trainings
  Community organizing

Sri Lanka, India, Lebanon, Kenya

Uganda, Cameroon, Costa Rica
Kenya, Nepal
Uganda, Cameroon, Morocco, Lebanon

Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda, Cameroon
Ghana, Sri Lanka, Nepal
Kenya, Honduras, India, Sierra Leone
Kenya, Sri Lanka
Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Lebanon
Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Thai - Burma

Thai - Burma, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Tanzania
Cameroon, Kenya, India
Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Ghana
Kenya, Sri Lanka, Syrian refugees
Uganda (Gulu), Kenya, Sri Lanka
Uganda, Cameroon
Nepal, Lebanon

Nursing, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives, Physicians

   Health Clinics

   Family planning & Women's Health
   Teaching Midwifery and/or Nursing
   Midwifery - ante & post natal; labor & delivery
   Public Health - village outreach  
   Dentists & Dental students
   Medical  &/or hospital administration
   Chinese acupuncture
   Types of doctors & medical students needed (MD, DO)
   OB/Gyn, Surgeons, Family, Internal, Pediatrics & more!
   Types of Nurses needed (LPN, RN, ARNP & students)
   Med-Surg, ER, AIDS palliative care, peds + more!
   Massage therapists
   Occupational & Physical Therapists (physiotherpaists)
   Pharmacists & pharmacy students 

Uganda, Honduras, Rwanda, Lebanon, Peru, Sri Lanka

Cameroon, Caribbean, Rwanda
Uganda, Peru, Cameroon, Rwanda, Morocco, Ghana
Indonesia, Uganda
Uganda, Caribbean, Morocco, Rwanda
Uganda, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,Thai-Burma
Cameroon, Gulu, Sri Lanka
Uganda, Cameroon, Thai-Burma, Sri Lanka
Uganda, Caribbean, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Ghana

Uganda, Caribbean, Rwanda, Bolivia, Honduras, Peru
Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon. Indonesia, Nepal
Cameroon, Indonesia, India, Nepal

Uganda x2, Ghana

Business & Microfinance

   Women & Business
   Small enterprise development  
      Entrepreneurs: makin' somethin' outa nothin'
   Creating livelihoods for refugees

   Marketing products, Fair Trade, eCommerce
   Fashion merchandising
   Finance & banking

  Help develop enterprises that sustain org
  Community tourism, Hospitality, AgriTourism
   Alternatives to traffcking

Costa Rica, Rwanda, Ecuador, India, Sierra Leone

Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Peru, Sri Lanka
Thai - Burma, Morocco, Lebanon, Congolese

Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Lebanon
Rwanda, Uganda, Ecuador
Morocco, Rwanda, Uganda
Rwanda, India, Morocco
Sri Lanka, Kenya
northern Uganda, Kenya
Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya
Nepal, Thailand

Democracy & Peace Building, & Conflict Prevention
     Monitoring Corruption & Transparency
     Peace Building & Conflict Resolution
     Legal Assistance
     Rights for women
     Human Rights
     Democracy Building - civic education    
     Public Interest Law

Mongolia, Uganda
Nepal, Lebanon
Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nepal
Cameroon, Uganda, Morocco, Ghana, Nepal
Rwanda, Morocco, Mongolia, Nepal, Uganda, Lebanon
Ghana, Sri Lanka, Uganda

Who will reap the profits of new found resources?      
    Educate public & lobby Parliament
    Will environment be desecrated or preserved?

    Environmental Policy & Protection
    Marine Ecology  
    Tropical rain forest  revived. Ecology.


Costa Rica, Indonesia
Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Costa Rica

Engineering & Appropriate Technology

   Water & sanitation
   Bio-mass, solar & wind alternative energy
   Alternative cook stove - so less foraging by women

Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania
Ghana, Tanzania, Indonesia
Bolivia, Mongolia, Ghana

Teaching & Tutoring    
Tutoring in secondary school in war torn north
   Girl child education
      teaching women & girls who have been left out
   Teaching English
   Early childhood education
   Training teachers re interactive, creative style
   Teaching IT - Information Technology 
   Teaching women literacy
   Teaching literacy & love of reading
   Teaching Syrian refugee kids

Uganda - Math , Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Writing

Cameroon, Uganda, Ghana, India
Nepal, China, Honduras, Thai-Burma
Kenya, Thai - Burma, Nepal, India, Rwanda
Thai - Burma, Rwanda
Uganda, Tanzania, Honduras
Morocco, Lebanon, Cameroon, Sierra Leone
Honduras, Sri Lanka, Kenya
Lebanon, Jordan (in the making)

Public Administration & Non-profits

Organizational development
    Grant writing & fund-raising
    Where you can learn re leadership or development
    Social media, marketing org
    Teaching re nuts & bolts of local governance
         managing personnel, budgets, citizen input
    Building  & strengthening civil society/ NGO sector

Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, India
Uganda, Nepal, Rwanda, Lebanon, Sierra Leone
India, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Tanzania
Uganda, Sri Lanka, Kenya
Kenya, Ghana, Sri Lanka

Mongolia, Lebanon

Agriculture, Farming, Veterinary
Rural development
   Urban Horticulture & Agronnomy
   Marketing produce
   Raising goats, chickens, rabbits, fish for income
   Composting, soil improvement
   Rainwater harvesting (without $ for materials)
   Preventing destruction of rain forest & indigenous
   Teach organic farming, permaculture or horticulture
   Help dairy farmers produce high yields

Uganda, Cameroon, Nepal, Indonesia, Sierra Leone

Kenya, Peru, Ghana, Ecuador
Kenya, Cameroon, Ecuador
Bolivia, India, Cameroon, Uganda
Cameroon, Uganda, Bolivia, Indonesia, India, Costa Rica
Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Nepal
Indonesia, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Indonesia
Ghana, Uganda, Indonesia, Ecuador, Costa Rica
Uganda, Ecuador

Nutrition, Food & Baking
Teach good nutrition on budget of $1/day
         in areas with high poverty & malnutrition
    Teach food hygiene to prevent disease
    Teach baking/ share recipes to generate income
    Teach how to prevent diabetes
    Chefs, cooks, bakers, culinary to attract tourists

Nepal, Sierra Leone, Thai - Burma, Ecuador, Bolivia

Nepal, India, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Kenya
India, Peru
Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda
Kenya, Uganda/ Congolese

The Trades

Construction, heavy machinery, mechanics
    To teach trade to youth for "income generation":
     Carpentry & construction    
     Plumbers to improve sanitation
     Water & Sanitation

     Alternative energy

Bolivia, Thailand, Congolese
Thailand, Congolese

India, Honduras, Thailand, Congolese, Uganda women
Kenya, Nepal, Honduras, Uganda
Uganda, Nepal

Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Ghana

The Arts: Music, Dance, Theatre, Art & Writing
   Art therapy for kids
   Teaching how to "generate income" via the arts 
   Bringing Women's Rights campaign alive on stage
   Using Theatre of the Oppressed
       to raise consciousness about what created war
           thus preventing another war
   Teaching writing
   Teaching media, film, radio, editing
   Capture story telling & oral history
   Transform community dance into income generation
   Theater, dance, puppetry, mime, clowning

Ghana, Kenya, Ecuador, Thailand, Jordan (in the making)

Uganda, Ghana, Thailand, Congolese
Uganda, Cameroon

Congolese, Uganda, Kenya
Sri Lanka

Uganda, India
northern Uganda, Kenya
northern Uganda
Ecuador, Honduras, Ghana, Thailand, India

Life & Recreational Skills
Sports, esp Soccer
    Parenting, Foster Parenting, Grand-parenting
    Sewing, beading, batik, crafts to generate income
    Reading-> Librarians->Contagious Love of Reading
    Outdoor Enthusiasts to help generate income
    Photography & film-making

Honduras, Ghana, India, Kenya, Uganda, Syrians

Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone
Cameroon, India, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ghana
India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda
Honduras, Ghana, India, Ecuador, Peru
Nepal, Uganda, Peru, Bolivia, Sri Lanka
Varies over time

Administrative or Office Help
   Teach Secretarial skills
Honduras, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Sierra Leone
Thailand,  Congolese

Journalism Morocco, Israel/ Palestine, Kenya, Sri Lanka

Urban Planning & Architecture
    Improving life for the urban poor in slums
    Architects design more liveable cities
    Affordable Housing

Sri Lanka , Nepal, India
Nepal, Sri Lanka


There are many variables that determine where you best fit.
Rather than pick a location or activity, discuss opportunities with Ann after she sees your Questionnaire.


Please read website first then answer Questionnaire and embed with resume in email to:


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