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Mary Ellen Waller,             International Advisor

We are lucky to have Mary Ellen on the team. She
is a walking encyclopedia. She has touched almost every corner of the planet and she has a extensive understanding of world cultures, current events
and public health.

"Do you realize what a resource you have in Mary Ellen?"
emailed Phillis Morgan after her Africa consult. "Uh...yes. That is why Mary Ellen was recruited to be on the team."

I have been pushing travel preparation ever since someone got worms in their feet in Kenya. Many health problems can be prevented.

Mary Ellen will go over a list of the diseases found in your destination & how to to prevent or resolve so that you are a Walking Encyclopedia too!

We educate you rather than babying you. (Called "capacity building" in many parts of the world.)

"Mary Ellen is obviously an expert on international travel
& public health and keeps current. I previously worked in Africa but still found the
consult was invaluable in preparing me for my new post. Mary Ellen's consult was well worth the time and money."        Andy Sigman, US

To schedule a consultation with Mary Ellen,
talk to Ann at info @NGOabroad. com.



Most people, going in, think they don't need the Consult.
Coming out, they all crow about Lessons de Mary Ellen.

 Headed for Post Traumatic Work in Africa

"Frankly I didn’t think that I needed to speak to Mary Ellen. I had done a great deal of research and had information from a number of other organizations. I thought I really knew what it was all about.

I am going to Africa for one and a half years or more. The information I have acquired from Mary Ellen will serve me very well indeed. Who knew that you could use dental floss as a thread, and that aspirin is not the thing to take if you have a fever, and that there are bugs that settle in the seams of your clothes as they dry, so one has to be sure to iron them. Not to speak of the worms that can enter your feet and that the biggest danger is getting into a car accident, not malaria or AIDS. There is much much more. I highly recommend Mary Ellen’s consult."

"Franchement je ne croyais pas que j’avais besoin
de cet information. Pourtant, j’avais fait mes recherches!

Je pars pour l’Afrique pour un an et demie ou plus. Les conseils de Mary Ellen vont beaucoup m’aider. Après tout, je ne savais pas qu’on pouvait coudre avec un fil dentifrice, et que les aspirines ne sont pas bonnes pour la fièvre, et qu’on doit repasser nos vêtements car en sèchant des petites bêtes s’installent dans les coutures. Il faut aussi penser aux petits vers qui percent la peau de nos pieds, et que le danger mortel n’est pas le SIDA mais les accidents de voitures. Ainsi de suite. Moi, j’insisterais toujours de consulter Mary Ellen."

                                                Michèle Beaudry, Canada

Invaluable in Sorting Out Chronic Illness
"Mary Ellen helped me make all the right decisions in difficult circumstances. I have a chronic illness that I thought would prevent me from volunteering. Early in the planning process,
I was shuttled from doctor to doctor, trying to decide where in the world I could go. Mary Ellen translated a myriad of medical and technical information into on-the-ground travel realities. People are  not kidding when they call Mary Ellen an  encyclopedia. In helping me to address my particular needs, her wealth of knowledge proved both practical & invaluable
and I would not hesitate to call upon her again in the future."

                                                    Caitlin Sweeney, US